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Welcome to Center Hill Martial Arts Club! 

Join us soon on the mat for karate, yoga, self defense, aerial silks, qigong or aikido! Click the schedule tab for our regularly scheduled classes, and check back right here for dates and times for special events and workshops!

Updated 30December2019

DANCE and TEA PARTY January 12 at 4:30pm
Bring the family and a clean pair of socks for each of you. We will have an all ages dance party on the mat. Our own Leopard is the DJ, and tea will be hot and lovely. Come chase away the post new years blah's, make a new friend, and have fun getting some exercise.

Aikido with Mark Clark will be Sunday, December 12 at 12:00pm. We have been concentrating on learning bokken and jo forms, and practicing empty hand techniques. This is a great supplement to our karate programs for people interested in reconciliation and blending/transmuting energy, as a martial art. $20 NOTAFLOF

Wednesdays at 6:30 is vegetable delivery day. Expect greens next week. Come for vegetables and stay for the yoga. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Organic, delicious, and nutritious. The brothers from Pamona Hill Farm are dedicated yogis who grow great food!

Check out our little shop in the office. We have CBD products for sale (also from Pamona Hill Farm) and lots of other medicinal herbs. Stay for a cup of tea sometime and read a book from our healing and martial arts library.

There is a special on private yoga sessions. Three classes for $150, includes a 20 minute home practice with notes, designed just for you!

We have a schedule of public yoga classes, please check it out. Try our different teachers, bring your friends and pay what you can. We have passes for sale, and we have suggested prices...but we encourage you to make us an offer that fits with your budget and your fitness goals. We trade for services too and there are always things to do around the dojo to fit with any skill set.

Little Dragons have been working hard and ranking up. There is room for a few more kids in class, 4:30 Mondays and Fridays. Bring your little dragon (Kids 8 and under) to try a class and see what it is all about! This is not just playtime, even though it is a practice designed to be fun. Discipline and character are important too, as well as teamwork and leadership skills. This is a great way for parents to get help setting and achieving goals for behavior and academics.

Family style karate class is still every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm. We have been focusing on self defense, but also on forms, sparring, flexibility, and strength.

Please join us!
~Sensei Amy

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Mission Statement:

Center Hill Martial and Healing arts club provides an inclusive martial arts and yoga experience with a focus on citizenship, leadership, and self-discipline. Building confidence and assertiveness skills, our programs will address bullying and introduce peer mediation skills. The focus will be not only on training physical attributes (the techniques of martial arts and yoga), but also in training the mental and emotional attributes of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and respect. As a well rounded program, there will be resources available for children, adults, and families of different abilities and economic situations.

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